Thursday, 16 April 2015

Media Player is not working or Media player file is missing

window Media player is not working properly or media Player some file missing in system.
Here we can see wmplayer.exe file is missing in system.

you can troubleshoot media player issue by Turn Off media player features and Turn On back.
Go to control Panel and open "Turn Window features on or off"
 Once you open window features, go to Media Features inside it you will find windows media Player. Deselect Windows Media Player

It will give warning message to proceed, click Yes

Window will remove Windows Media Features

 once this feature is removed, it ask for Restart to apply changes. Give Restart Now

once again go to Windows Features

 Select Window Media player, to Turn On this Features and Give OK
After this check Media Player should work or missing media player file will be available

 Finally we can see wmplayer.exe in system